If this is then to quote Inigo Montoya from The Princess Bride — “You keep using that word, I do not think it means what you think it means”.


`In #2008, one of the big to adopting services was environments. These systems depended upon different architectural principles and were not suited to adoption of cloud .`

There are many lies we tell ourselves in business:
- the environment changes slowly,
- we can predict the uncertain,
- we can outsource our own risk, management can be made simple,
- the key to success is implementing this culture or that innovation or this principle or that method.

If you look at computing then I can buy a million times more resource for the same money than I could twenty years ago. This doesn’t mean IT budgets have reduced a million fold in that time, instead we’ve ended up doing more stuff. Don’t confuse efficiency with reduced IT spend.

When we consider a value chain, we’re constantly industrialising components and building new systems on top of them. Machinery on top of the nut and bolt. Intelligent software agents on top of databases on top of computing on top of electricity. We are constantly creating higher order systems built upon more industrialised and ordered components. We are building towers of order out of the chaos.

Movement isn’t simply about drawing a line on a picture it’s about the consistency of meaning of such a line. Position, anchor and movement are essential for navigation.


Movement and its consistency — you can follow this path to go from A to B — are not only essential qualities of a map but they also turn out to be essential for . Explorers can’t explore by just sitting still, something has to move (whether it’s them, a or a is immaterial). Action is a necessity for exploration.

It’s important to understand what anchoring the space means in this case — there are no alternatives but to travel along the path of the tube network. You cannot use the tube map to dig your own tunnel from Cannon Street to Holborn.

`f I wish to go from Online Ad Networks to Agency Holding Companies you need to travel through then then digital agencies then management consultants then then media metrics then media agencies to reach the destination. Is this true? On what basis is that movement consistent and justified? I’m afraid this is not a , it’s a of loosely connected concepts and questionable relationships.`

Why does this matter and what has this got to do with execution? Without maps then situational awareness will be poor.

What the data strongly suggests is those companies with high levels of based upon and a than those who don’t.

if you’re blind to the environment then it’s better to shoot faster and with more impact just in case you do actually hit something

Another common counter that was raised was the importance of , having a goal and clearly defined purpose. At the same time that people were talking about the “goal”, Silicon Valley was raving about the “pivot”. In short, you should have a unless you to another goal. Go figure!

Wardley’s Doctrine:
- Be transparent
- Focus on high situational awareness
- Use a common language
- Challenge assumptions
- Know your users
- Focus on user needs
- Think fast, inexpensive, elegant and restrained (FIRE)
- Be pragmatic
- Remove bias and duplication
- Use appropriate methods and tools
- Focus on the outcome not a contract
- Use standards where appropriate
- Optimise flow
- Effectiveness over efficiency
- Manage inertia
- Manage failure

- Think small
- Distribute power and decision making
- Provide purpose, mastery & autonomy
- Think aptitude and attitude
- There is no one culture
- Seek the best
- Design for constant evolution
- Use a systematic mechanism of learning
- A bias towards action
- Listen to your ecosystems
- A bias towards the new
- Be the owner
- Strategy is iterative not linear
- Do better with less

- Set exceptional standards
- Strategy is complex
- Commit to the direction
- Move fast
- There is no core
- Exploit the landscape
- Think big
- Be humble

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