This is an overreaction. It's blaming the messenger app, rather than the root causes of the violence. There were tragedies & massacres in the era before social media. Awful people have used new methods of communication for awful purposes, but historically we didn't rush to blame the communications tool. 'Radio', you may recall, was credited with helping 's rise to power in , but we didn't ban the radio. 'Television' has been blamed for "dividing" the US over the

`There's no surprise that some people can be led astray by lies and - but, again, that's not new to the . While the internet may have more overall scale, it's not as if "scale" was what was necessary to get a small group of people to set off suicide-bombs in Sri Lanka. And, frankly, the government has said that it had lots of warnings that an attack was imminent - in part because of gathered on the internet.`

`The bigger question is why didn't the Sri Lankan government stop the attacks if it was warned they were coming and knew who was involved?`

`The history of bitter infighting between Sri Lanka’s leaders appears to have contributed to a spectacular security breakdown that led to one of the world’s deadliest attacks.`


`Right now, pretty much the easiest way to communicate is via various internet-based tools, so they'll get used. But if it wasn't / , it would have been some other method of communications. It's not clear what good blocking these sites does, other than pointing the blame away from the government for a period of time.`

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